State Issues

Guided by Association leadership, the Governmental Affairs Commission, the NSMA Policy Compendium and the NSMA state and federal legislative plans, Nevada State Medical Association and its lobby team actively advocate for Nevada physicians at all levels of government:

  • Nevada State Legislature – issues related to regulation, public health and safety, licensing, scope of practice and the state budget
  • United State Congress – issues issues relating to medical liability, the Affordable Care Act, Medicare payments and public health and safety issues
  • State agencies and regulatory Boards and Commissions – issues relating to the licensing of physicians and allied health professionals, public health, Medicaid reimbursement, CHIP, health insurance, provider reimbursement, network adequacy and more
  • Local government – public health and safety issues such as tobacco cessation and immunization

The NSMA also works with other professional associations and organizations within the health care community to work toward improvements in public health and the provision of health care within Nevada.

After each biennial session of the Nevada Legislature, the NSMA issues both a legislative successes document and an extensive summary of legislation of all health care related bills enacted during the session.  Documents for the 2015 legislative session are being developed.

NSMA 2015 Legislative Session Review


Policy Positions

Each year the NSMA House of Delegates adopts resolutions on important issues facing physicians and the practice of medicine in Nevada. These resolutions are formalized in the NSMA Policy Compendium. The House of delegated also approves the annual State Legislative and Regulatory Strategic Plan. The annual plan analyzes the Nevada Legislative political environment and the probable health care legislative issues to be addressed in the next legislative session.


The NSMA Commission on Governmental Affairs has identified 10 “Legislative Issue Areas,” which account for the range of State (and some Federal) governmental issues of importance to Nevada’s physicians. These issue areas are:
1. Medical Liability Reform Issues
2. Managed Care and Insurance Regulatory Issues
3. Health Care System Reform and Access to Coverage
4. Nevada Medicaid and Nevada CheckUp
5. Worker’s Compensation
6. Medical Professional Licensing and Non-Physician “Scope of Practice” Issues
7. Bioethical and Patient Safety Issues
8. Public Health and Safety Issues
9. Professional Health Education and Health Professional Workforce Issues
10. Mental and Behavioral Health Issues


The Commission on Governmental Affairs also develops a separate policy document, the NSMA Strategic Plan for Federal Legislative and Regulatory Issues addressing Federal Issue Areas including: Medical Liability Reform issues; Health Care System Reform and Access to Coverage; Managed Care and Insurance Regulatory Issues; Medicare issues; Medicaid and SCHIP issues; and Public Health and Safety Issues. The NSMA Council and the House of Delegates approve amendments to this document.

The NSMA also serves as a governmental liaison and advocate with the Governor’s office, state agencies, and regulatory Boards and Commissions. We participate in many local initiatives and groups in our mission to strive for better health care for all Nevadans, including:

  1. Nevada POLST is a program that focuses on providing  those with serious illness or frailty specific options for end-of-life treatments.  POLST forms must be signed by a physician and one of the following: A patient, 18 years or older and of sound mind; A representative of a patient 18 years of age or older who is incompetent, as designated on the patient’s DPOA-HC; or the parent or legal guardian of a patient under 18 years of age. Physicians can order POLST forms here.
  2. Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition
  3. HealthInsight
  4. Access to Health Care Network
  5. Immunize Nevada


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