Jan 1: NEW Opioid Regulations

Every Nevadan, whether physician, patient, or citizen, has been impacted by the prevalence of opioids in our community. In response to the nationwide opioid epidemic and the effects felt in Nevada, Governor Sandoval brought forth legislation known as the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Act (AB474). Passed unanimously by the legislature, AB474 goes into effect on January 1, 2018 and will impact all prescriptions for controlled substances. It is critical that physicians (including residents) and physician assistants take the time to understand these requirements so that you can best treat your patients within the confines of the law. At this link, the Nevada State Medical Association has provided a toolkit to assist prescribers in complying with these new regulations.



Every Nevadan is affected in some way by the members of the NSMA. They are not only your physicians, but your neighbors, friends and advocates in the health care delivery system. Nevada physicians organized into a state medical society in 1875. As the state's oldest and largest physician advocacy group, today's NSMA mission remains consistent with those pioneer doctors: to serve the practice and professional needs of Nevada physicians so they can serve the needs of their patients. Our diverse membership includes practicing physicians and surgeons, medical researchers, educational faculty and institutional administrators. Though this site has information restricted to our membership, there is also much information available for the public and the health care community. Development of this site and available resources will continue to expand, so bookmark the NSMA and come back often! We are proud to represent organized medicine in Nevada, and proud to be your physicians of the Nevada State Medical Association. Is your physician a member?


    The Nevada State Medical Association is committed to curbing prescription drug abuse.

  • 2017 Final Resolutions

    At the 2017 Annual Meeting, fellow members passed these resolutions to enhance the NSMA Platform.


    Our hearts are with all of those impacted by last night’s terrible event in Las Vegas. The Nevada State Medical Association and Clark County Medical Society are taking an active role to support ongoing efforts. Click here for more details.

  • Electronic Prescriptions

    The Board of Pharmacy regulation allowing physicians to utilized designated agents to transmit electronic prescriptions has been approved by the legislative commission on regulations. See the full document here.

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