Closing a Practice

  • There is no specific time line in Nevada for notice(s) to patient(s) being discharged.  NRS 630.304(7) provides for “adequate” notice or making other arrangements for continued care.  The violation of this statute is grounds for discipline.  Thus, the more notice the better.  Notify the patients of how medical records may be accessed or if someone is taking over the practice as well.
  • The medical records should contain detail about the discharging of a patient.  NRS 630.3062(1).
  • Change of address must be done in writing and signed by the physician w/in thirty (30) days after the change.  NRS 630.254(1).
  • Change of office location must be reported prior to beginning practice in the new location, if any.  NRS 630.254(2).
  • Closure of the practice must be reported in writing to the NSBME w/in fourteen (14) days of closure.  NRS 630.254(3)(a).
  • Five (5) years after closure of the practice, the physician must keep the NSBME apprised in writing of the location of the medical records of patients.  NRS 630.254(3)(b).
  • Physician still maintains duty to retain and safeguard records even after closure of the practice.  NRS 629.051.

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