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As a joint member of your county medical society and NSMA, you can join a commission, have your voice heard in shaping health policy, attend local and statewide events, network with colleagues & more.

If you join the county it is a unified membership with the NSMA

Why join the NSMA?

The Nevada State Medical Association works closely with county societies to provide members with legislative representation, regular updates on policy and practice matters, CME, and a variety of other services.

Reasons to Join the NSMA:

  • Our members receive access to our state and national legislative leaders.

  • NSMA and its county medical societies are positioned as one of the
    dominant stakeholders in the development and enactment of health policy.

  • Our members are able to share their ideas to help shape the
    future of the medical profession in Nevada

  • NSMA firmly defends the “Your Nevada Doctors” Initiative

  • NSMA and its county medical societies produce electronic legislative
    and regulatory alerts, articles and newsletters to keep you up to date.

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Student/Resident Membership

Medical Students and Residents always receive a free unified membership to the Nevada State Medical Association and their County Medical Society for the duration of their studies and residencies.

This is a great chance to get involved with healthcare policy that will affect your futures in medicine and a wonderful resource for mentorship with our members of various specialties and experiences.

How to join the NSMA as a Student/Resident?

Becoming a member is easy! Begin by completing your county medical society application online. Memberships are approved each month.

First year memberships are 50% off and students and residents are always free!

County Memberships

If you join the county it is a unified membership with the NSMA

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Washoe County Medical Society
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Clark County Medical Society
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Carson Douglas Medical Society
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