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UPDATE 09/30/2018

Although experiences vary by specialty, NSMA members are increasingly concerned about the MOC process.  At the NSMA House of Delegates meeting in 2016, Delegates passed Resolution 2016-20 which expressed NSMA’s assent to the AMA policy principles on MOC. You can read the AMA policy principles HERE.  Since 2016, State Medical Association Executive Directors, including NSMA’s Catherine O’Mara have engaged with the ABMS to work towards reform in MOC.  A joint summit resulted in an acknowledgement that “In recent years, physicians have grown increasingly concerned with the costs, variation, and relevance of the MOC programs established by ABMS and its member boards. Physicians have increasingly felt threatened by the high-stakes exam and feel that MOC has incorrectly become a de facto requirement for licensure, credentialing, and reimbursement.”

In recognition of this fact, the AMA and ABMS collaboratively developed the Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future initiative.  This initiative is an effort that brings together multiple stakeholders to envision a system of MOC that is responsive to the needs of those who rely on it and that is relevant, meaningful and of value to physicians. Nevada Physicians are encouraged to provide feedback directly at or through NSMA at [email protected]

Last month, in response to a request from a Maryland legislator stemming from pending legislation in Maryland, the Department of Justice, Antitrust Division issued an opinion on the potentially anti-competitive nature of the ABMS system encouraging Maryland “to explore ways to promote competition in specialty board certification without unnecessarily interfering with individual business decision-making.”  You can read a copy of full copy of the DOJ letter HERE

The ABMS has issued a response noting the DOJs interest in encouraging state legislature “to continue allowing hospitals and insurers independently to decide whether to consider a physician’s MOC status when making business decisions, such as granting hospital privileges”.  You can read a full copy of the ABMS statement HERE.

NSMA will continue to engage on the topic of MOC reform at the national level in collaboration with the AMA and the ABMS.  In addition, we continue to monitor state legislative activity to determine the suitability, if any, of similar action in Nevada. The NSMA House of Delegates met and considered additional resolutions on MOC at the House of Delegates September 28-30, 2018. Members concerned about MOC are encouraged to join or submit comments or feedback on their own experiences with MOC in their practices to the Medical Practice Commission chaired by Dr. Jerry Reeves and Dr. Patrick Woodard. Comments can be forwarded to [email protected].

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