PMP Integration Guide

The Nevada Board of Pharmacy (BOP), in collaboration with the Nevada Department of Health, Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH), is excited to announce three new enhancements to the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) to assist practitioners in implementing and using the PMP in practice to better serve their patients. The three new enhancements are:

Enterprise NarxCare®

NarxCare® is a PMP platform that empowers clinicians, patients and state agencies with a more comprehensive approach to addressing the opioid addiction. NarxCare® provides prescribers and dispensers with objective insight, allowing them to identify patients that may be at risk for opioid addiction, overdose and death. NarxCare® works by aggregating and analyzing prescription information from providers and pharmacies. It presents that information in a visual and interactive manner. Those visual representations of the PMP data provide advanced analytic insights and complex risk scores to equip physicians, pharmacists and care teams with the tools and technology they need to help guide their clinical decision to better serve their patients. The NarxCare® platform can also accommodate additional information sources to create more holistic risk models, assessments and alerts. As a comprehensive platform, NarxCare® can provide tools and resources to enable care teams to better support patient needs. Key NarxCare® features include increased access to treatment through the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) locators, improving patient education and engagement through CDC information sheets and enabling the coordination of care across the continuum through powerful care team communications.

Statewide PMP Integration.

In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of use of the PMP, the BOP, in collaboration with DPBH, will improve interoperability of PMP information and content. The end goal is to provide all authorized healthcare entities – ambulatory care units, acute care facilities, emergency care units and others – the ability to integrate PMP information into their Health IT systems, be they Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Electronic Health Records (EHRs) or Pharmacy Management Systems. This will allow practitioners and pharmacist to access PMP information within their clinical workflows, mitigating the need to sign onto a separate PMP database. This will save practitioners and pharmacists valuable time when providing care to patients.


OpenBeds® is a state-of-the-art platform that identifies, unifies, and tracks available substance use treatment inpatient beds, outpatient programs, and social resources to create a single, common network. OpenBeds® is cloud-based platform that facilitates immediate transfers/referrals of a patient seeking substance abuse treatment to an available substance use treatment program. It accomplishes this by providing real-time treatment facility availability, two-way digital provider communication, and data aggregation and analytics. The platform and service are fully compliant with federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements regarding security and confidentiality.

The three new enhancements will be rolled out in phases with an estimated completion date of December 2019. NarxCare® will become the PMP database for the state of Nevada replacing PMP AWARxE®.  The enhancements will be funded by the CDC Opioid Overdose Crisis Cooperative Agreement grant awarded to the state. While the BOP and DPBH would like to offer the Statewide PMP Integration and OpenBeds® to all clinic, pharmacies and hospital systems, these changes are not mandatory. Those entities who do not wish to adopt these enhancements are not subject to the changes.    


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