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Physician Burnout: Why It's Bad, and What the Medical Community Can Do to Fix It

We're living in a time of unprecedented need for medical care, and physician burnout has become a nationwide epidemic.

tired male doctor sitting on stairs holding his head

What Physician Burnout
Is Costing Us

Physician burnout is a serious issue that impacts doctors, their patients, and the entire healthcare system. Physicians are three times more likely to suffer from depression than the average American, and they experience some of the highest rates of suicide in the country.
We need to address physician burnout not just because the mental health of our nation’s doctors matters but also because of its impact on the entire medical community and the quality of care.

What You Can Do to Support Our Advocacy

Raise Awareness

Speak up about physician burnout in the media and your local community and dismantle the mental health stigma

Address Issues

Address with legislators how physician burnout
is harming both patients and the medical community

Show Your Support

Support organizations like the NSMA
in their collective efforts to support physician well-being

We Are Your Ally.
Your Voice Matters.
The health care system needs to prioritize physician well-being – not just for the improved physical and mental health doctors deserve, but also to ensure continuous high-quality patient care. When doctors are healthy and happy, they can be compassionate advocates for their patients—which means everyone wins.

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